Hey there. I must admit I’ve been more busy updating the french gigs agenda than posting on this section. I was very happy to┬árun into Be Forest’s post today and I’ve thought that would be a nice opportunity to write a new article.

I’ve always been captivated by Be Forest’s atmosphere since the day I discovered them. However the music made by this italian trio is actually pretty hard to define, I would try to describe it as a sort of indie pop massively influenced by shoegaze and cold wave at the same time which give an ethereal ambiance to all of their songs.

I really do think that their first album Cold – released in 2011 – is a masterpiece and I probably will never end fed up with those 10 tracks that are a very sharp and clever combination of all cold musical genres. Their second album Earthbeat is also a very interesting one regarding the instrumental that brings on a warmer sheath to its songs.

In their last facebook post the band is talking about “a new baby” coming up (hopefully pretty soon). On this occasion Be Forest will perform 4 shows in Italy ( Torino, Milano, Firenze et Bologna) at the end of the year where they plan to play brand new songs in addition of the older ones.

I really hope some dates in France will be announced after the release of this new LP (or EP?) and I will obviously share the information in the dedicated section.

Now I will just close this quick post with three of my favourite songs from them : Florence (Lrcn), Sparkle & IO.


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