Ghost Dance – Celebrate
From Celebrate 7″

I’ve discovered this band through their song A deeper blue. I’ve been immediately captivated by this lady and her big goth red hair and also subjugated by her voice. She has that really pretty strong voice typically eighties. Indeed, it seems like this voice was made to cope perfectly with all the amazing guitar riffs which give a confident angle to their music.
Sometimes the singing is more acute, sometimes it is more deep. However this different changes bring another dynamic to the 80s gothic rock music and makes this band particularly different from the other ones of the same period.

Ghost Dance was actually composed of the guitarist Gary Marx (ex-member of The Sisters of Mercy) and the singer Anne Marie Hurst (from the band Skeletal Family). An incredible and unique formation.

I would recommend these following songs : Where Spirits Fly, The Grip of Love, Spin the Wheel.


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