It wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke, Antagonism has genuinely been unveiled yesterday April 1st.

I was really excited about this new album from Bleib Modern. I’ve discovered this fantastic german band through their previous album Vale of Tears (2016). As soon as I listened to them I was hooked. Bleib Modern’s music lies on hypnotic bass lines that bring the emotional vocals out. Antagonism follow the same rules accross cold melodies made by catchy guitar riffs and straight drums.

This new album also consists of dark lyrics reflecting the somber part of our inner selves. There is always something very sad in Bleib Modern’s lyrics. Some states of mind we can feel very private but extremely familiar at the same time. Through songs like Self-Loathing, Nothing or Blue Avowal, Bleib Modern express the hardness and the tiredness inherent to our lives. The neurotic thoughts and anxiety issues that come out when dark and light don’t differ.

Now this is your turn to listen to this great set of 11 tracks.


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