I’ve been lucky enough to see Peter Hook and The Light last week for the second time.
The first show I’ve been to was in 2014 at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris. The setlist was made of 3 hours of Joy Division’s songs and two New Order’s albums (Low Life and Brotherhood). No need to say that it was an incredibly and extremely positive experience!

The band came back this year for another tour and stopped by Lille (north France) at L’Aéronef (which is a very nice venue by the way). I was very excited to see them again especially because they were supposed to play the whole album Substance.
The show started with a very weird « entering song » and after the first two tracks they played (In a Lonely Place and Lonesome Night) I wasn’t very convinced that it would be better than the last time. But I was obviously wrong.

They kept playing with Hurt and Ceremony -which is one of my favorite song of all time- and the audience started to get really excited by their easily identifiable bass lines. Everything went pretty fast from this point. The atmosphere got really warm and crazy at the same time and everyone lost themselves into the show. Temptation, Blue Monday, Confusion and of course The Perfect Kiss came out in a row making us hot and sweaty. I have to say it was very impressive to observe how David Potts’ voice sounds extremely similar to Bernard Summer’s.

During a few slower songs, the audience got the time to recharge the batteries and get ready for the very famous songs Bizarre Love Triangle and True Faith. The New Order’s set ended with 1963 and the band gave us a small break before getting back on stage with some Joy Division’s songs.

Starting with No Love Lost they carried on with lots of various songs such as Warsaw, Leaders of Men, Transmission and the cult She’s Lost Control. I was really happy to get the chance to hear Atmosphere a second time in my life and the show ended with Love Will Tear Us Appart which put the whole venue into a total positive wildness.

Like in 2014, the two hours and a half show went too fast and all the people around me could have kept dancing for another hour. It was fantastic!

I think that Peter Hook and The Light is a man (and a band) that everyone who love New Order and Joy Division has to see in his life, both for the music and the incredible atmosphere that emerges from it.


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