Today I bumped into this post on Crystal Soda Cream’s facebook page as I was surfing the internet. This short live performance just reminded me how good this band actually is.

Crystal Soda Cream is a post-punk band from Vienna. I’ve discovered them a few months ago through the song Command Control from their last LP Work & Velocity (2016). Their music is mostly based on some overpowering cold bass lines. Some songs add electronic elements such as Rationale Arbeitsschritte that could easily be confused with a track fromĀ The Soft Moon.

I really think the first and self-titled EP deserves to be listened to. If you do enjoy the new post-punk scene, then this Viennese trio really should catch your attention. There is no LP I like more or less, that’s why I’d recommend you to just start from their first release to get into Crystal Soda Cream’s spirit. Furthermore you will be able to find their two LP on Totally Wired Records‘ bandcamp.

On an unrelated topic, Vague Sombre has now a Twitter page. I have to admit I’ve never got Twitter but I think I just need to get used to it in order to take advantage of it. So feel free to follow!



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