Today, I am going to talk about the parisian band Rendez-Vous which is absolutely not from the eighties but has been significantly influenced by this period.

I wanted to write a bit about them because it seems like they are at a turning point in their career. Indeed, with multiple shows in Paris they recently gathered a larger and more eclectic audience.

I discovered them with their title Distance which is certainly their most famous song. By the way, if i should resume this band with one word, it would be « catchy ». Catchy as fuck.

The band is made up of four tall guys wearing tight shirts tucked into their black skinny jeans. Their songs are like these men ; young and energetic.

All of them are a perfect mix between new wave and post-punk and genuinely have the same effects that drugs can offer. They have exalting, exploding and addictive attributes. The only thing we want to do after listening to Distance, The Others or Euroshima is to press the play button again.

I would say that their sound have the spirit of the eighties improved by the modern musical technics provided by our generation which give an accomplished result.

I went to their last show in Paris (at Le Point Éphémère) one month ago. I don’t think i’ve ever been more sweaty during a show. The room was crowded and I stayed at the front the whole show. When i was saying that they were touching a more eclectic audience it’s because this night, people were from all walks of life.
The show in itself was pretty quick but really intense. People were going crazy at the beginning of every song by throwing their beers in the air and moshing a bit. Euroshima was quite an appropriate reference to describe the atmosphere that the first sounds from the synth gave off. Such a damn hot temperature and a loud music.

The ambiance was explosive. It definitely gave me the feeling of being under the influence of a positive and pulsating drug. Unfortunately reality came back with a certain brutality when the show ended, leaving people all sweaty and sticky. Also ready to quench their thirst with another expensive beer at the bar.

Since that show, I’ve been looking forward to their next show in Paris where they will share the stage with The Soft Moon.

In conclusion Rendez-Vous is a promising band. These guys are probably going to be very famous outside of France really soon. You can follow them on their personal bandcamp or on AVANT! Record’s bandcamp and also buy t-shirts at their shows because they are awesome !


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