It was difficult to choose a band to talk about for this first post but since this blog is about post-punk and cold music I finally chose to talk about She Past Away because they are mostly considered a post-punk/darkwave band. On their bandcamp they say they are usually described as “the new dark-wave”. However, the guitar has typical “cold wave” sounds and most of the songs are as catchy as deathrock music can be. Indeed, the band combines all the 80s obscure musical genres together and it is probably the reason they became popular in the goth scene so quickly.

She Past Away is a band from Bursa (Turkey). The band was formed in 2006 but released their first EP Kasvetli Kutlama in 2010. In english “Black Celebration”, the song became their most popular song.
Two years later, their first album Belirdi Gece came out. Kasvetli Kutlama appears as the lead song of this album. 
While Ritüel transports us in the middle of a goth party which could have taken place under the vaults of a beautiful cathedral, Monoton drives you into the shadows of an obscure cave – perhaps in the place where She Passed Away.

Throughout the entire album, the heavy atmosphere is contrasted by heady synth melodies typically used in the 80s’ tracks.  It’s hard to stay static to the music of the turkish band.

In 2015, She Past Away released their long-awaited second album Narin Yalnizlik. Since the first album, their songs has been regularly hearded at goth events.

With this second opus, the band hold fast to their atmosphere. Sadness is mingled with hopefulness. The rhythms of the first songs stay slow, lead by an intrepid bass until you reach Katarsis. Goth explosion. The fixed drums give body to a catchy and unceasing synthetic melody that makes you unconsciously move your head.
Then, the tension is reduced and Uctu Belirsizlige brings the listener to a calm state. The guitar in Yanımda has similarities with coldwave songs such as the next song Kuruyordu Nehir.
 The albums ends with a very icy and strange song made by some weird electronic sounds which create a feeling of emptiness that close this chapter.
With these two records, She Past Away brought life into death… without a smile.

I don’t know if the band has already planned to release another album but I am really looking forward to listen to a new material from them.





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